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Crestline PTO

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Crestline Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization

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Lori Knox

PTO Treasurer

2013 - 2014


Another great year at Crestline Elementary School is coming to an end.  We would like to take a moment to say “thank you” for allowing us to serve your families as PTO Board Members and give you an update on how your money has impacted our kids and school this year.


We, on the PTO board,  try our best to utilize funds in the most effective and productive manner for your kids.  This year, PTO became a tax exempt organization.  This means the things you buy as PTO fundraisers will not be taxed in the future!   This will save us all a lot of money, in turn putting more money into our classrooms!


Many of the fun activities your children love are sponsored and supported by PTO through our fundraising efforts.  Each year PTO provides the funds for Field Day inflatables, treats the students to ice cream twice a year, helps fund awards, and other special projects as they become known. At Christmas time, we make sure that every child has an ornament on the tree in the lobby.  We help cover the Custodians Christmas gift from your children, to show how much we appreciate all the work they do to keep Crestline clean and safe. 


PTO makes available a bereavement service through Hospice of the Valley.  This is a counseling service for children who have suffered the loss of a loved one.  If your child needs this service please let their teacher or Mrs. Lewis, the school counselor,  know.


We help teachers fill in some of the gaps for teaching tools in their 

in their classroom.  Providing additional funds for laminating film, copier and toner fees, and special projects. At the end of the year, we give the teachers and support staff (cafeteria, custodians, office, and instructional aides) lunch catered by Sedona. We also provide a small gift for an appreciation gift for those teachers and support staff selected by their colleagues as Teacher/Support Staff of the Month.

Looking ahead, we have some big items we would like to purchase for Crestline . . .  a new school sign and LED message board, new classroom equipment and improvements to the courtyard, so the students can utilize this area more often.  If you can help or know of someone else who can help with these projects, please contact your PTO Board Members.  

A big THANK YOU of all who volunteered for PTO projects throughout the year.  Your countless hours help make this a SUPER year.  Have a great and safe summer!  We will see you in August.


2014 - 2015

Crestline PTO Executive Board


President: Jennifer Weddington


Vice President: Amy Blaxton


2nd Vice President: Melissa Kent


Secretary: Lori Knox


Treasurer: Abby Nagel


Co-Treasurer: Susan Delgado


Vice Co-Treasurer: April Priola