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School Events
•  Mid Term Progress Reports Issued
Time: 1:15 PM
•  Title I Advisory Committee
Time: 3:15 PM
ACT Aspire
Each day we are working to prepare our students with the skills they will need to be college and career ready.  Students...

e-Books Are Available NOW!   
Crestline's library is going HIGH TECH! We have new library software that is online giving you and your child the capability...

Math & Reading Charms   
     Our students are excited about a new incentive program we are using at Crestline.  Each student was...

Why Reading is Important   

School Safety   
     In light of recent national events, the Crestline faculty and staff  spent time on January 2nd reviewing...

Helping Your Child Become A Good Reader   
For information on helping your child become a good reader with help from Reading is Fundamental, see the link below. Be sure...

Math Fact Practice   
For monthly math activity calendars, check the School Publications link.  Math Calendars are courtesy of Georgia teacher...

Changes in Transportation   
Fax # 256-751-5656

Crestline has Highly Qualified Teachers!   
All Crestline teachers meet or exceed the standards of Highly Qualified as required by the No Child Left Behind Act.  This...

Crestline's Continuous Improvement Plan   
As a Professional Leaning Community, the teachers and staff  and parents at Crestline review the mission, vision, and goals...

Crestline Collections   
Thank you to all who have helped raise additional funds by saving your ink tanks, soup labels, cereal box tops, and Tyson labels. ...

IDEA, ADA, 504   
IDEA(Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) provides federal funding to states to help guarantee special education and...

Cell Phone Policy   
Technology and busy families have increased the need for some children to bring cell phones to school.  This is understandable,...

No Child Left Behind   
The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 gives parents and/or guardians the right to request information about the qualifications...

Crestline Cookbook Sale   
The Cookbooks are Available in the Office!

Important Check Policy   
Your Check is WelcomeYour check is welcome at all schools in the Hartselle City School System.  The Hartselle City School...